The Form of the Book (TFOTB) offers time and space for critical reflection, addressing socio-political questions and highlighting the role of books as tools of empowerment.

This project is a laboratory and a learning community shaped around books, to expand and think about the importance of cultural and visual literacy and to give voice to underrepresented issues that our society wants to ignore.

Books can be a lens for critically looking at the world and unite artists from different backgrounds and disciplines toward a common goal. 

This project is a cooperation between the artists Anya Jasbar and Daniel Augschöll, with the intent to create a platform for those who have limited access to resources necessary for their practice, education, and research.


Born in 1986 in the south of Sardinia, Italy. Artist, writer, curator, publisher, and designer, she works with images and texts, reflecting on memory and language through printed matter and archival materials.


Born in 1985 in a small town in South Tyrol, an Alpine region in Italy near the Austrian border. After graduating in Visual Arts at the IUAV University in Venice, he moved to Berlin, where he studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. In his work, he has depicted the transformation of places, seeing a narrative potential in all the traces that living beings leave on their paths. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

For TFOTB Daniel is responsible for curating the library’s collection, organizing and managing all resources in the physical space, and providing professional research, reference, and consultation services for participants of the program and all other people interested in the project.


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If you have questions regarding our project or any of our initiatives don’t hesitate to write us an email at info(at)theformofthebook(dot)com

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